Make Knitwear a Must Have This Fall

October 02, 2016

As we leave summer behind us and move into fall, so too do we leave behind our warmer wardrobes. It’s sad to see them go, no doubt, but in their wake comes the exciting prospect of adding some layers to your outfit and accessorizing with a range of warm, and super comfy knits. Offering all the versatility and functionality you could ask for, having a number of trusted knitwear options in your fashion arsenal will see you set through fall and moving into winter.

The transition piece

Even though summer is all but a pleasant memory, you’re still likely to encounter some mild to moderate warmth depending on your area. For this reasons, it’s important to get your hands on a few transitional knits that fill that ambiguous gap between warm weather and cold weather clothing. Light knit cardigans, jumpers and freestyle wraps suit this function perfectly and will be warm enough whilst offering plenty of breathability and ventilation.

Having a comfortable and luxurious cardigan that you love to wear will quickly become your best friend. You can dress it down or up depending on the occasion and wear it for a wide selection of activities. Whether you’re simply going down to the local shops to stock up on groceries, meeting up with the girls for a coffee, or heading out to dinner with your significant other, you’ll be dressed appropriately whilst looking great.

Embracing the ponchos and wraps

There’s nothing quite like the look of someone rugged up in a beautiful poncho or oversized wrap to embody the epitome of comfort. Wear a mini cable poncho for something more laid more, yet elegant, or opt for a stunning roll neck design for a more dressed up affair.

Wraps are more often a casual fashion piece, but can definitely be dressed up when needed. Get creative and see what combinations and styles you can create for day time and night time antics alike. Pair your freestyle wrap with some skinny jeans and boots while you’re out conquering the shopping mall, or drape it over an evening dress for a warmer outer layer.

Your nest friend during winter

Once we get to the coldest time of the year, you’re going to be wishing you stocked up on a plethora of warm knitwear to keep you nice and cozy. You’ve been warned.

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